Epiphany FIT, formerly CrossFit Epiphany, provides an inclusive, safe, and fun place to work out where people feel supported in their health and fitness goals. At our gym, centrally located in Vancouver, Washington, you’ll find the tools, coaching, and community to provide a lifetime of overall health and fitness.

We provide high-intensity interval training workouts coached by experienced trainers who know how to work hard and have fun. We offer a complete digital improvement tracking system to help you get the best results possible. We work with all athletes from beginner to experienced and we pride ourselves in having a diverse and welcoming community.




Our approach to fitness

Epiphany FIT is a safe place for all.  It doesn’t matter your fitness level, body type, age, ethnicity, religion, financial status, or gender.   We will do everything we can to help you overcome any obstacles that get in the way of you making your health and fitness a priority.  

Community makes a difference

We’re not just a gym—we’re also a community. We laugh and play together. Our gym hosts hikes and barbecues, we go out to comedy shows and we put on charity events. You’ll make lifelong friends here and get much more than just a workout. Not only will you be part of the family, you’ll also find it much easier to get motivated on your fitness journey knowing the other members have your back.

Our mission

To create a positive impact on our athletes lives and our community by means of friendship, acceptance, support, and workouts for every person no matter what their athletic ability.   


Our trainers’ certifications include CrossFit Level One, USA Weightlifting, and LMT, just to name a few. And just like our members, our coaches come in all shapes, sizes, gender identities and ages. We’re real people, not Ninja Warriors.