New to training? Start with On Ramp

Our On Ramp introductory program will get you ready for our gym and our workouts. During this course (spread out over a few days—approximately three hours total) we’ll cover all the basics: safety, movements, technique, nutrition, mobility, and more.  We’ll discuss your goals, offer an evaluation, and show you what Epiphany FIT can offer you.

Important: you do NOT need to be “in shape” to begin training with us. We meet you at YOUR level, even if you’re just beginning your fitness journey. We know—getting started can be scary and intimidating. We’re here to take you along at your own pace.

Contact us with questions or to join our next On Ramp at Vancouver, Washington’s most inclusive and community-focused gym. We are excited to meet you!

Already Experienced? Sign up today!

Don’t need On Ramp? No problem! If you’ve done CrossFit or HIIT training before, just contact us to schedule a free class and see if Epiphany FIT is for you.

¿Habla español?

¿Prefiere communicarse en español? Usted es bienvenido aquí. Hablamos español y queremos ayudarle empezar en Epiphany FIT. Mándanos un email para más información:


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